to see our farm in Nicaragua and the process. You won't be dissapointed!

Allow us to introduce to you a new coffee. It is a Nicaraguan coffee cultivated in the most ecological, environmentally and socially friendly way possible. It is a coffee with history, with pride and with high standards of quality. This superior coffee is now available to you through its preferred US distributor, Beanealogy.

Selva Negra's history is in many ways the history of the coffee in Nicaragua altogether. In the 1880's the Nicaraguan government invited young German immigrants to come and settle in Nicaragua in order to promote coffee growing in the northern highlands. Many young immigrants accepted the offer, thus forming the main coffee plantations of the country; many of them bare names of their motherland. Selva Negra's (Black Forest) Coffee Estate is called Hammonia, Latin for Hamburg. Located approximately 4,000 ft. above sea level, Hammonia has been producing fine old style Arabica coffee for over 100 years. Eddy Kühl & Mausi Kühl-Hayn, the farm's proprietors are descendants of two of these original German immigrants - Alberto Vogl and Klaus KÜhl.

What makes this coffee the highest quality?
Selva Negra Estate Coffee is grown at a high altitude in a shaded environment. This allows the bean to have a slow development cycle which instills an intense and fulfilling flavor to each bean. The coffee is not only 100% Arabica, but more importantly it is grown on a large percentage of Bourbon and Typica coffee trees (which produce higher quality beans than other varieties of coffee trees). The region of Matagalpa, Nicaragua is mountainous with excellent volcanic soil for the coffee growing enjoyment. Finally, the coffee is prepared using an environmentally friendly washing process, which gives the coffee still one more unique quality enhancing aspect.


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