We are an Atlanta-based roasting company, and we micro-roast coffees from all around the world in order to provide freshly roasted coffees to our customers. We come from a long line of coffee folk, dating back to the late 1880s and presently including our own family's coffee farm in Nicaragua. Through Beanealogy, coffee is purchased and sold to individuals, effectively never leaving our family's hands before it reaches yours. We are proud to provide you with the true seed-to-cup experience!


Coffee is processed in two forms — washed and natural. We call this coffee "dirty" because it is not washed. The washing process washes the mucilage off the bean creating a crisper cup of coffee, while the natural process leaves the beans with mucilage intact, creating a sweeter tasting coffee.


Our coffee is "Nekkid" (the Southern derivation of "naked") because we aren't stripping the natural sugar off our beans in the natural process. We are leaving that sweet-sweetness that creates a bold, big-bodied cup of goodness.

That’s How We Established Our “Dirty Nekkid” Brand Name.

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